JK Tube Step Rocker Panels (4 Door Models)

Tube Steps
Exterior Parts & Car Care
Installation Instructions: 
Hyline Offroad
1 Year Limited
Installation Time: 
3-4 Hours

The JK 4-Door Rock Sliders have been designed to allow for hard rock abuse on the trail, but also provide an ample width step for you everyday.

The Rock Slider step area features a dimpled tread plate for a non-skid type step.

The JK Rock Slider is constructed using a combination of 2” x 1/8” heavy wall square steel tubing and 1-3/4” x 1/8” heavy wall round tubing for the slider rail. All components are fully welded to one another and feature frame mounted strength. There is some drilling that must be done into the frame, but no holes need to be drilled into the body of your Jeep.

The Rock Sliders are finished off with E-Coating and a nice durable topcoat of lightly textured black powder coat.

Step-by-Step instructions are included along with all necessary Grade 8 hardware. We also supply a steel drill template to make things a whole lot easier when drilling the holes in your frame.

Tools Required:
Ratchet, 9/16 deep socket, 12 extension, 16mm socket, floor jack, approx. 18 block of wood, hand drill, 25/64 drill bit, 3/8 transfer punch, C-Clamp or Vise-Grip Clamp, light duty hammer, 7/32 Allen wrench, 8mm Allen wrench and safety glasses
Parts Included:
Driver side and Passenger Side Tube Step Rockers and all required mounting hardware.



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