Pro Series Ford Front Dana 60 85-91.5 Truss

Axle Housing Braces
Drivetrain & Differentials
Barnes 4WD

The Barnes 4WD Pro Series Ford Front Dana 60 85-91.5 Truss is a full width low profile truss made from a combination of 1/4" and 3/16" Ultra 100 steel to keep it light but incredibly strong. These trusses reach all the way to the steering knuckles and are designed to give you eight inches of separation from center of the axle to the center of the upper link mount. They are made in the USA from USA steel!


Red Scorpion Fabworks builds and customizes 8.8" axles for your TJ or XJ.  Trussed, welded and built to order with Yukon Gear lockers, ring and pinions and all new bearings, these units are fantastic way to improve the strength and performance of your build.  Inqurire for available traction options, gear ratios and custom work - completed units starting at $1700.
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